Friday 3 October 2008

Useful methods for searching MP's

Usually when i am looking for a way to do something in a management pack I refer to the Microsoft MP's as it has likely been done in them. Here is my normal process for searching these MP's.

In my development environment I dump all the management packs out to their XML. This is done using Command Shell.

mkdir c:\unsealed
get-managementpack | export-managementpack -path C:\unsealed

Then I open Notepad++ with the XML Tools plugin installed. A fantastic function of Notepad++ is Find in Files...

So say I am looking for the syntax to use in a recovery to start a service. I can Open up Notepad++ and do a Find in Files and look for "net start"

A few comments I read on the OpsMgr newsgroups about the Agent Maintenance Mode solution that I posted pointed out that the %MOMROOT% variable was not on the path and could not be used from the command line. If you do a search across all the MP's using the methid above it is defined in several different ones ( Sharepoint 2003, System Center Core Management Pack). Looks like this is something defined only within the context of OpsMgr.

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