Wednesday 1 October 2008

Hp Storageworks Management Pack

I had a quick look at the Hp Storageworks MP v1.5 for the first time today and noticed quite a few glaring issues.

There are 5 separate discoveries running every 60 seconds on ALL computers. Looks like someone forgot to change the interval on these after development was finished. At least it is possible to change these intervals using overrides.

The discovery "HP StorageWorks SNMP Trap Catcher Discovery Rule" discovers every system with the SNMPTRAP service installed. Then proceeds to start monitoring all these servers. This monitoring includes an WMI query that runs every 15 seconds on all the servers that have the SNMPTRAP service and runs a script every time!!

The WMI query rule is using the backward compatibility layer so the interval cannot even be overriden.


Unknown said...

Looks like it is still as bad as when I looked at it for MOM 2005.


Pete Zerger said...

Good catch Derek. I dropped a line to the right people at MS with a link to your post.