Tuesday 27 May 2008

Multiple Network Name Discovery in a Cluster Resource Group

There is a known bug in OpsMgr that when you have more than one network name in a cluster resource group only the first one is discovered - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919594. So say, for example, a cluster is not configured according to best practices and the MSDTC resources and the SQL resources are in the same group. You have a network name called "MSDTC Network Name" and one called "SQL Network Name ...". In this case the MSDTC network name will be discovered and the SQL Network name will not be discovered.

What's the problem with this exactly? Well, if the SQL Network Name is not discovered then the SQL instance in this resource group will not be monitored by the SQL MP.


To determine if you have clusters with this problem you can download and import the following MP - ClusterError.xml

It will create a view in your Operations Console that will list all the clustered servers that  have more than 1 network name in a resource group.