Monday 18 February 2008

Unsealed MP Backup with Retention Period

A small expansion of Pete's MP Export for Disaster Recovery. Here is an Management Pack that exports all the unsealed MP's once a day to a folder. The folder name is the date of the backup. Backups older than 7 days will be deleted.

Download the Management Pack


Link to the MP has been fixed


Pete Zerger said...

This has been on my to-do list for awhile. I had one for MOM 2005 like this.

Nice work my friend!

Unknown said...

When I try and download the MP it says that the site has been disable for viloations of Program Policies.

Derek Harkin said...

Looks like the site has been disabled by google for some reason. I have asked them to restore it. If I do not get a good respose in a few days I will repost the files elsewhere.

Charlie said...

Would this still work if you changed the $old.AddDays to "-30" for thirty days?

Also, I've found that UNC paths for the $backupPath is not supported.

It's also too bad that you can't schedule a start time other than when the MP is imported.

Derek Harkin said...

I am still recovering from MMS right now (Vegas is hard work :) ). I will try and implement some of your suggestions next week in an updated version of the MP.

Data Backup said...

Ever heard of Backupright? I'm thinking about trying it.